Fence Yard Clearing

Troop and Pack Families,

A SUPER big THANK YOU to the following folks from the Troop who came out and COMPLETELY finished taking down the fence-yard.

  • Rylan Andrews & Family
  • Christopher Mattice & Family
  • Jim Zaroogian
  • Nicholas McCreary
  • Bart and Will Main
  • Jack and Paul Denwood
  • Nicholas McCreary
  • Matt & Michael Stephens
  • Matthew & Jonathan Walton

These folks did the following:

  • Moved Canoes and Trailer to the Waeltis
  • Removed Fence-Yard Panels and moved them to The Scout Facility (TSF).
  • Dug up each and every pole witth cement and moved it to TSF, restored the grass
  • Demolished the roofing.
  • Loaded everything up onto trailers for the dump
  • Moved all items to TSF and loaded them onto shelves over there.

When you see these folks, please extend a thanks to them, they worked long and hard for us.

A special thanks to Nicholas McCreary who stayed a few hours later with me to survey TSF for the land clearing.

A special thanks to my sweet wife who went with me to the Cocoa land fill to get rid of all of the heavy wood and metal.  She did half the lifting!  It  was a great date.